I'm just a dude who loves making music.

Spinmont is  a music producer, + guitarist with an eclectic background who specializes in making chill electronica, indie, lofi and experimental music. Spinmont's creations have been licensed to several projects and featured on many popular Spotify playlists including Birp! FM, Dancing Astronaut, Robaer, Future Fox, Future House Music, and Soundplate to name a few.

Founded in May 2017, Spinmont, opened his first music studio in downtown Chicago - Spinmont Productions. Spinmont is an emerging Chicago-based artist and producer climbing his way into the chillout music scene without straying too far from his roots on the local punk stage. Spinmont's debut EP (released in May 2017) reflects his most original style focusing on chill electro pop beats. With monthly releases of new music, Spinmont is excited to showcase his collaborations with upcoming artists including Jiji, Nicholas Ray, MrMC, shmee, ILITSYA, Jetpack Hotline and Counting Trees. 

In 2018, Spinmont plans on focusing his sound releasing guitar driven, ambient experimental tracks with subtle hints of electronic elements. 

Photos: Randy Daniels

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